Llama Llama home with mama

Llama Llama Home with Mama - Anna Dewdney

Llama Llama books are some of my favorites.  Perhaps it's because a tactile object to go with a story always made reading more fun for me as a child.  And, I have a stuffed Llama is his red pajamas!!!

For kindergartners and first graders, I may pull this book when we discuss healthy habits and how to avoid getting sick.  But, I may also pull this book when we talk about Mothers in the Spring of the year.  I think a worthwhile writing project each year (for any grade level) is to write about our moms, or those ladies who are like mothers to us.  I would have lots of books about moms and things they do pulled for children to read during their free time to get ideas about why moms are special.  In this book, Llama is taken care of by his mom when he is not feeling well.  How does your mom take care of you?  Oh.  Let's count the ways!

grade level equivalent: 1.7